Things that disappoint me:

  1. Winners lately has no fashions of interest — not even any fun shoes or boots.
  2. Commuter rudeness and angst — take off your backpack, damn it.
  3. People in my condo who can’t figure out the gray box is for paper and the blue box for glass and plastic. But those folks are saints compared to the lazy asses who leave big garbage items — such things as a lampshade or a broken toaster oven — in the garbage chute room. That kind of garbage is supposed to be brought down to the garbage room. Attention fellow residents of the third floor: the people who clean our building are not your personal maids. Paying condo fees doesn’t give you the right to exercise your heightened sense of entitlement.
  4. Millennials. (Me and K. both, based on a recent discussion).
  5. Waking up just moments before the alarm is set to ring and realizing I have to get up within mere minutes.
  6. Getting another chain email from a well-meaning (perhaps) but annoying-as-hell serial email forwarder. If you didn’t compose the email you are sending me with your own fingers, chances are I won’t want to read it. Okay, there’s a chance I will but, if in doubt, don’t forward me your amusing emails. Just don’t.
  7. Telemarketing systems that leave a bloody message on your voicemail. This should be illegal.
  8. Pea soup. Every time I have it I think it will be tasty but it never is. Potato leek soup is a very close second. Soup should be exciting not mushy and drab.
  9. Swiss Chalet. Enough said.
  10. Running into suit-clad former high school classmates in an elevator who want to catch up. I don’t enjoy catching up with people who look like they are running late for an episode of Ally McBeal.


  1. I guess you missed the memo that said you don’t have to separate recyclables between the grey and blue boxes, huh?

  2. I hate people who think their pocket queens are still good after seeing an ace on the flop only to catch a miracle 2-outer on the river.

  3. Tracy, I missed that memo. (Not that I believe such a memo existed. Lies. All lies spread by the entitled condo dwellers.)

  4. Tracy, is your second post in English? Mind you, that does sound annoying — what ever the hell it is that you’re bitching about.

  5. Yikes – are you ever having a bad day, huh? My pet peeve when I lived in a condo was the people who put their garbage bag in the opening to the chute, but did not push it down — requiring me to push their garbarge down before putting mine in. I could’ve written a blog about THAT, let me tell you …

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