my book club embraces social networking…

Back in May I wrote (the kind I get paid for) that my joining Facebook was a sure sign that Facebook was completely over.

Well, now I’m trying to get the members of my book club on Facebook. So far I’ve got three people in my group — not a high ratio. Maybe it’s the demographic — I used to joke that I’m the youngest member of the club but this isn’t even remotely true — I’m pretty much in the middle.

So Facebook is not over.

My prediction: it will be over once every last naysayer in my book club has embraced online social networking. And on that day, I also predict that I will use a Transporter for my daily commute to my office in New Zealand.

On my way to the office


  1. Do you have a comment quota? I tried to post a comment on your disappointment post and was DENIED.

    I was going to say, yes, the backpack idiots on subways, buses and streetcars are the filth of humanity. I keep getting jostled by them and when I politely inform them that they are hitting me with their personal carrying device, they GLARE like I am pondscum for having the nerve to wish to travel to and from work without being jostled unnecessarily. HATE!

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