Things I don’t need: peshtemal towels

Ah, the luxury of big fluffy soft towels. Generous, lush and thick — downright spa-like in fact — what could be nicer wrap yourself in after a bath?

Frankly, when I use them, I feel like I’m trying to dry myself off with a quilt.

I’d much rather use thin, rough and scratchy towels — the thinner and cheaper they are the more I love them.

I prefer them because they absorb so much better and they dry in a jiffy, so you don’t have to deal with a damp towel hanging limply – and no doubt growing mildew — on the back of your bathroom door.

Ikea makes a really good (bad) type of this towel, but I’m always looking to  spend money on things that I don’t need…so luckily for me, I recently discovered peshtemal towels .





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