A skincare regimen? What’s that?

I don’t have one. I hardly do anything to my face,  let alone anything fancy.

Well, strictly speaking, I guess I do have a regimen — the same way everyone has a diet. I wash my face. That’s about it. And I often use whatever is handy. For example, I have Cetaphil at home and I use that most of the time. Unless I’ve run out, then I will use soap. I will also use soap if I am not at home and forget my cleanser.

I’ll typically use whatever soap is handy — little hotel soaps, hand wash in a pump, a bar of unknown nice smelling soap, Ivory soap, Dove soap….I do, however,  draw the line at dish soap, but otherwise soap is soap, no?

Yeah, I know what you are thinking – soap!? I too have heard that the beauty expert people say to never use soap on your face. But so far nothing bad has happened. Really. Nothing.

Oh and apparently most women like to moisturize. It’s not just for dry skin – all skin benefits! I do sometimes – if I remember. I also use some Cetaphil stuff for that.

Hmm, that’s about it. I did buy some eye stuff a while ago when I was worried about some puffing. I used it for a few weeks and nothing much happened so I stopped. I am still a bit puffy – I just try to ignore it.

So skin care….Yeah, I am a bit of a Philistine. I deserve every wrinkle coming to me.

But, dear readers know this: I floss! I floss all the time…I have super healthy gums and my teeth are very happy.

So there’s that.

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