Advice for the savvy single…

Deliriously coupled as I am — Hi Honey! — I have no intention whatsoever of writing a personal ad. But I do think that many people could use some writing tips in this area.

So in the spirit of helpfulness, I submit an example of a new way to position yourself in the sea of singles online — the “Review Personal.”

My technique is a bit shorter than the dating profile tips in this excellent piece, but just as effective.

  1. Select a user name — for this example, I am Whoopie-Pie.
  2. Find a good photo of yourself. (You’re not supposed to use a group shot, but this was the best picture of myself that I had on hand. I know, I shouldn’t have used the shot with my friends…but I look so cute in it!)
  3. The next step is usually to write about yourself, but not in my method.
    No, instead get your friends to write some blurbs. Just email them and ask them for a little paragraph. After all, who knows you better than you peeps?

And with a bit of editing, you can have something like this!


→  I have worked with [redacted] for many years and she’s a pleasure to have around the office. Reliable, smart and efficient are the three words that best describe her. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a romantic partner to any potential love interest. — Whoopie-Pie’s Manager

→  I remember the time [redacted] wore the craziest outfit one night. I can’t even fathom where she bought the pants — they were made up of some strange material that looked a lot like neoprene. We started off having drinks at a pub and somehow we ended up at The Matador. She ended up losing a shoe, but we had a heck of a lot of fun. [Redacted] is still a hell of a lot of fun, but she certainly dresses better now. — Whoopie-Pie’s Oldest Friend

→  Just date her for heaven’s sake. She’s funny and she’s not cheap. — One of Whoopie-Pie BFFs

You get the idea! How could this technique possibly not work?


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