what the hell is a balcony bra? and who’s Ines?

Most women don’t wear the correct sized brassiere. Until this weekend, I was one of these women suffering in a spandex and lace torture device. But no longer. I’m now free!

Well, I’m actually considerably less free but this is a very good thing.

My friend D. (who is always well-supported) took me to her bra boutique for a special fitting. The bra fitting attendant (I wonder what their proper job title is?) felt my rib cage and took a quick look at my boobs and then came back with several bras for me to try on.

As it turns out, I was getting one part of my size right all along but it appears I was not very good at getting the second (and most important) measurement correct. I’m now pleased to report that I am no longer one of the women in need of an Oprah-style Bra Intervention.

I got several new bras but I’m especially delighted with my new Freya “Ines Underwire Balcony Bra.” That’s not me modeling. I mean, I’m delighted with my new purchases, but I think this post is probably TMI for my blog as it is.


  1. The shop is called Melmira Bra & Swim Boutique. It’s located at 3212 Yonge St. (just North Lawrence) — this is a temporary location as they are renovating their new store at 3319 Yonge. Here’s a good article about the boutique. It was a good experience for me and I’m very happy I went. The staff were very helpful and knew their stuff! If you go, you have to call ahead and make an appointment. The bras and swimsuits are not on display — they take you into a fitting room and bring you a never-ending selection of beautiful bras based on what you are looking for. I asked for a basic bra because that’s all I ever could find at other stores. But Melmira has a huge selection of beautiful bras for every size. I felt like a princess and I wanted to walk out of there with only my new bra on to show it off. But I restrained myself.

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