what comes in between blog & elias?

My name is Christine. Like the Stephen King novel…

And the song by KISS…

My name is Christine. [Chris-TEEN]. Not an unusual name and I like it. It could’ve gone another way

Today two people called me Christina. [Chris-TEENA].

Christina is a very nice name. In fact, I think it’s more beautiful than Christine — which is a bit more stiff and WASPy. As a short plump descendant of Balkan mountain people, I would never be mistaken for a mangiacake. But that’s my name. I didn’t anglicize it — that’s what my parents choose. My Macedonian parents named me Christine — really.

Christine! Christine! Christine!

The first person can be forgiven (this time) as she has only known me for a year or so and does not deal with me that often.

The second person in question has been calling me that other name for over seven years. I always correct this individual very good-naturedly but after seven years one can be forgiven for a bit of annoyance.

Maybe I should start strolling around with my new tote bag.

Or maybe I need to update my wardrobe


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