sad drive up the DVP

The former Bata headquarters in Don Mills is still there (albeit with boarded up windows) but may not be for much longer. It’s slated for demolition.

It’s one of my favourite buildings in the city. (I have a bizarre fondness for corporate modernism).

There are some compelling arguments about why we should be willing to let in go in favour of better things — and I while I reluctantly think this argument has some merit — I’m much more inclined to agree with Christopher Hume on what’s happening to this fine building and our city as a whole.

It hurts whenever I drive up the Don Valley Parkway and see it sitting there unused and neglected. The architect, John C. Parkin, died in 1988 when the building looked much as it does above. I’m glad he never had to see it in its current state.


  1. I am glad there are people like you, otherwise we would all be surrounded grey
    Soviet era concrete blocks.

  2. Trapper, the Bata building does look a bit ‘Sovietesque’….are you being ironic by chance? I like other buildings too…The TD Centre (Mies van der Rohe!) for example….and this one!  Or this one.

    But yeah, my taste runs modern.

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