Weekly Roundup

It’s been a good week with some weirdness thrown in to keep it interesting.

  1. Sushi lunch — not once but twice this week. (The cafeteria is in summer food mode, which means there is not much good to eat. The salad bar and soup station is gone until September, so I must cope somehow.)
  2. I was told that I have a great deal of emotional maturity by a good friend. (I guess you can be emotionally mature and a bit goofy. I embrace both.)
  3. I got lot of work done at work. (Not exciting for readers perhaps, but this did make me happy. I like it when work goes well. I also like it when I type a lot and my wrist does not act up. I hate my wrist brace more than I hate yams.)
  4. Weirdness: The streetcar driver I see quite often in the morning asked me out for coffee. (I declined politely, but it did catch me off guard. I think my taste in music may have something to do with it, since I now realize everyone on my commute has been enjoying my tunes for some time now.)
  5. Weirdness: That same day, a colleague that I don’t know well made a sexual innuendo joke in the coffee line. (It was actually quite funny and I was not offended but it made me think something strange was going on. Twice in one day? Maybe I should blow-dry my hair every morning. Or not.)
  6. Spring is here and it’s time for gazpacho! (Made my favourite soup this week for the first time this season. Gazpacho and cold avocado soup season starts now!)
  7. I wore my fancy leather jacket and survived. (I managed not to have a meltdown from worrying I would get it dirty or damaged. I did not and I will try to wear it again next week if I can handle the stress.)
  8. My dishwasher no longer has a faint burning smell. (Note to self: read the labels on your dishware — some things can only go on the top rack. Obey.)

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