Shoe Time!

I own a lot of footwear. This is not as apparent in the winter as I don’t have that many boots. (For the record, I do own these but have few occasions to wear them.) But as soon as it gets warm enough, I get my shoes ready for action. This is the the first installment of a new series: Christine’s Happy Feet.

Today I wore desert boots. I wear them if I am feeling a bit preppy and/or if brown is in my fashion colour palette that day.

Desert Boots

But to mix it up, I also put on my penny loafers (and promptly took them off). I don’t like these as much. They are not Bass but rather some knock-off that have not worn very well. Plus they pinch a bit.

Penny Loafers

More to come you lucky readers. (I have a feeling you are not as excited as I am!)

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