Torturing my peeps

We’re going to do a fun thing at work. We’re all supposed to make a mixed CD of our favourite songs to share with each other.

Well, fun if you like torturing your colleagues. I don’t, so I am at a bit of a loss as I can’t submit a Journey retrospective. There are only so many rock ballads that people can take. Plus I want to maintain a positive relationship with these people.

I’ve been trying to come up with some cool ideas to wow them.

I’m thinking of a multimedia compilation that coincides with the big moments of my life…the hit single from the first album I ever bought, the song that was popular when I got my first Walkman, the song I loved to play in my first car, the song that was the big hit the year I graduated for university…oh the memories….

But somehow I don’t think I’m gonna escape Journey and Jefferson Starship. I hope they’ll forgive me.


  1. Oh, man you should come the Macphail Ave. Dance Parties. Jefferson Starship is on heavy rotation–the babies love “We Built This City.” We’re also having a little Chicago resurgence, speaking of rock ballads.

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