Happy Wednesday!

Lately I’ve been thinking about what makes me happy.

Work does. Not because I am very ambitious. I’ve been hanging in as the “number two” for years now.

No, I’m not waiting for my chance to leap into a more senior role. I like what I do. In fact, on a recent day off I popped back into the office briefly but I ended up staying the whole day just because I had some interesting things to do. Interesting things that we more exciting than the other things I had planned to do on my day off. Weirdo, I know.

Liking what I do is a key part of my happiness. Sure, one day I might make the leap to something new but only for happiness and job satisfaction. Not for a title or a bigger office (in fact my office is plenty big enough now and hard enough to keep tidy as it is). And I’d have to work with people I really like. A tall order, so I appreciate what I’ve got.

Next are my hobbies. I really enjoy this blog. Just typing about nothing much is very pleasing. Sure, one day I keep thinking I’ll write a book or something. But I never seem to get beyond an outline. I guess I’m really not that ambitious about my writing either. Or else it’s just not time yet. One day.

What else? Well, I want to be a good person. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a do-gooder. I won’t talk about my good deeds (that would be unseemly) but I try to do kind things everyday. And once in a while, I do something that makes me feel happy for weeks. Sure, you might say I do this because it makes me feel good. So what? Being kind should make you feel good. That’s the fringe benefit of living your life unselfishly. (Well, not totally unselfishly but you get the idea.)

Children. No, not mine. I chose not to be a parent. But there are a few kids in my life who I think are just terrific. I look forward to seeing them grow up and blossom. There are some fine young people being raised by my friends and spending time with them is a genuine pleasure. I don’t leave their company unhappy.

The people I love. I am so lucky that my closest friends are like sisters to me. And my dear friend P. is my brother. I love him with all my heart. My sister and mother are gone but they are with always with me. (My mother still tells me what to do and my sister encourages me to live it up because life is short). And I’m very happy that I’m developing a new relationship with a young cousin. She’s such a good and brave person. Funny, too. Her mother is my favourite aunt. And when I look at her I see my own eyes looking back at me. Freaky but nice.

These things (among other less lofty things like sleeping in and sushi) make me happy.

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