today was just an ordinary day…

Today I: (in no particular order)

  1. Played Tetris on my Nintendo DS for about an hour.
  2. Went to a variety store.
  3. Ate a pear.
  4. Sent 16 emails.
  5. Answered 23 emails.
  6. Ate a strawberry.
  7. Went to a meeting and said action item about seven times.
  8. Ate one slice of a turkey cold cut.
  9. Scheduled one meeting and cancelled another
  10. Made lunch plans for one day this week and one day next week.
  11. Wore socks that kept falling down.
  12. Ate a salad.
  13. Ate Indian food for dinner.
  14. Explained how a database works while knitting together my fingers in a feeble attempt to illustrate how one database might talk to another one. I think I may have also said action item again during the database discussion.
  15. Gave my opinion on a poster design. (Both were quite nice).
  16. Thought about continuing my CD organization project but changed my mind.
  17. Greeted a friendly pug in the elevator.
  18. Had one cup of coffee (with cream and sugar) and two cups of green tea. (I’ve cut down on coffee because it upsets my stomach and I drink tea because it’s warm and is supposed to be good for me. The coffee tasted great, the tea not so much.)
  19. Asked how many calories were in a medium Egg Nog Latte. I guessed 700 but was advised by my favorite barista that it was only 540. I decided against one at that time but thought I might get one later in the afternoon. I didn’t, see #18.
  20. Took my vitamins.
  21. Surfed the internets and composed this post.


  1. What I meant was I agree that see you too is also a treat too….not that I agree that I’m witty and funny — since that’s conceited.

  2. I like reading your blog more when I do not get to see you. It reminds me of you when you try to act grumpy and you do a terrible job of it.

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