lunch with the stars

Judge JudyI’m not really interested in meeting celebrities. As a teen I didn’t have posters of Duran Duran in my locker. As an adult, I read the latest celebrity news (willingly and with morbid interest) but I don’t want to party with Britney Spears or have lunch with Keanu Reeves.

I don’t know any celebrities but I have met some well-known journalists and politicians. I’m famous in one small circle for getting quite tongue-tied talking to Bob Rae. He was pleasant and charismatic. I was a bit smitten. But I’m not trolling the internet for new Bob gossip. I do miss Frank Magazine, though! I also know someone who was nominated for an Academy Award but that’s not relevant to my post (I just wanted to mention it since I mentioned Bob.)

But there is someone I would love to have lunch with. Not because she’s a celebrity but because I think it would be a lot of fun and very interesting. In fact, I would love to be in her court room (um, studio audience) for a day of taping. She can see right through bs and she’s tough but fair. Sure I don’t always agree with her and sometimes I feel she mocks the hopelessly dumb and beautifully vapid (but so do I on occasion). I know I will probably never meet Judith Sheindlin but I can send e-cards to myself and put them on my blog — much like the weird kids did with the Duran Duran posters in their lockers.


(I preferred KISS as did all the self-respecting rockers.)

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