this is for you book club people

Members of my book club were wondering this past week why I don’t write about them. Are they not interesting enough?

Short answer: No, that’s not it.

We discuss the books we read at book club and we eat things. Usually we have wine. No one dresses funny — which regular readers will recognize as a typical topic. Also, rarely does anyone annoy me at book club so much that I feel I must rush home and blog about them. Indeed on the rare occasion that someone might perhaps, on an off-chance, even slightly irritate me, it’s best that I keep it to myself, as the members of the club are my friends — and I’d like to keep it that way.

Finally, members of my book club are probably all good spellers who know how to use a comma and an em dash. Regular readers will also note that I’m not immune to the occasional grammar lapse and that — despite the fact that I get paid to write things — I’m not always the spelling princess. Not that they’d actually comment on any errors but — you know — they’d see them.

So what to write about?

Let’s see. The book was not that great. But we still had lots to say about it. I’m not sure how we got on the topic of thong underwear in the discussion but we did. We also covered the fact that it can be very tasty to eat high quality coffee beans. Other topics included porn, corporate abuse and infections…I’m not kidding about the range of discussions but nor do I plan to elaborate on how we got to those topic areas….I didn’t take minutes.

One interesting thing the members asked is: why don’t I write about sex in my blog.
Actually — if you read very carefully — there are references to grown-up activities. I keep the blog rather tame but do find the odd risque thing amusing on occasion.

So there you have it book club people. I wrote about you.


  1. The book club is relatively scandal-free.

    I suppose you could always post your thoughts on the book in more detail. But then there might be comment arguments.

  2. We talked about porn?!?!? Y’all were on infections by the time I got back in from the kitchen? I’m gonna have to bring it up every time now cuz I don’t want to miss it again!

  3. Heh.. grammar… it’s early in the morning.

    Read a period after “kitchen,” ok?


  4. Not one comment from any book club people, eh?
    Hmmm…this is the last time I take any requests.

  5. Bring it up Todd. I bet it would be interesting. By the time we got to infections I was about ready to join you in the kitchen.

    My thoughts on the book are that it was too light and I would have preferred more realistic corporate scenarios…this makes for better satire.

    And yeah, we’re scandal-free…we can work on that :).

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