Today at work we were chatting about the first concerts we attended. I’m pretty sure mine was Blondie at the Ontario Place Forum. I looked it up and the band did indeed play there on July 2, 1979 — which fits the time frame of my memory.

My mother was there too, of course, but I’m not sure she was a fan. She did, however, enjoy Ontario Place (and Centre Island) a great deal and I spent a lot of time there as a kid.

I probably got into Blondie because of the CITYTV television show called The NewMusic which was hosted by J.D. Roberts and Jeanne Beker.

J.D is now “John” Roberts and there’s no mention of the NewMusic, the Power Hour or Toronto Rocks for that matter on his official website.

Jeanne Beker, of course, is a well-known Toronto-based media personality. She was the epitome of cool when I was young (on the NewMusic of course!) and perhaps one of the reasons I studied broadcast journalism.

My funny little frog voice is the reason I never went beyond studying but that, too, is far in the past.


  1. I love this topic! Everyone that reads this blog should answer!

    1983 – Def Leppard headlined and Uriah Heep was the opener at the Winnipeg Arena.

  2. I wish everyone who reads this blog would answer, too. I know people read it but very few post. I also enjoyed Def Leppard back in the day. Not as much as Van Halen, mind you.

  3. Linda Ronstadt. Canada’s Wonderland. Kingswood Music Theatre.

    With my parents.

    Oh the shame.

  4. Well, I think we were just there, at the park I mean, and then they found out she was playing there, and so we went. At that time she had an album out that was pretty popular — you know the one where she had on roller skates on the cover? So we didn’t freak out and complain like the time they made us go see Peter Appleyard at the Ontario Place Forum. Do you know him? I believe he was a xylophonist…

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