The onion fellows

I don’t see many interesting people on my walk to work. Sometimes, if I am a bit early, I see parents walking their kids to school. Sure this is cute but not especially fascinating.

Today was garbage/recycling day so I saw the city workers — I also smelled the green bins. Also not very thrilling.

Sometimes I see some men loading giant bags of onions (always onions) into a truck.

This would be more interesting if they varied the produce — or if they dropped the onions and the bags broke on impact resulting in the onions rolling down the street right into the schoolyard where the kids use them to make onion forts. Now that would be fun. But no. It’s just some guys loading bags of onions.

So it’s not entertaining people-wise. I think I should vary my route. I need more than onion fellows and kids to entertain me.

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