the breakdown

I have 34 friends on you-know-what.

The breakdown:

  • People who wouldn’t be surprised by what I look like in 2007 (they see me all the time): 27
  • People who looked me up to see if I’m still as cute and/or fun as I was in high school: 6
  • People who I have not talked to in about 10 or so years (former colleague-type people): 1

This is all rather interesting and I’m not sure what to make of this phenomena. I think young people use Facebook as a true social-networking tool but for those of us over 35, there’s a very large nostalgia component. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; nostalgia can be fun. But it can also be really really weird. Mind you, I’m still on the thing so I think I have an appreciation for the weird. (Some things don’t change, I guess).

On another note, my trip to New York is fast approaching and our little group is all over the email making plans. This is one of my core groups of friends and we spend all kinds of time together: brunches, shopping, museums, book club, travel, dinners….if any group of stylish and cosmopolitan women could use a social networking site, it’s us. (I added stylish and cosmopolitan because they read this site — or so they tell me.)

And are any of them on the thing? No. Not one. (I did try but I’m in PR not sales for a reason.)

Of course, other close friends are on the thing…and for that I’m grateful. I need company. I need to be part of a group. I need to belong. Does my hair look ok? Who wants to look at my photo album?

Yeah, Facebook is a lot like high school — only we have more money and better clothes.

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