raiding Mary Richards’ closet…

Apparently, CSIS is on a hiring blitz. Good thing I’m not getting a little bored of PR — I’d make a fantastic Intelligence Officer. This actually was something I considered when I was in university but my hearing issues (and lack of any ability to move quickly over even the easiest terrain) thwarted this dream.

But I really do wonder about the outfits they have to wear. The woman on this website looks like she’s right out of a Reitman’s ad — or else she raided Mary Richards’ closet.

Highlights of my weekend include:

  • Not finding anything to add to my closet at Winners. (I’ve found nothing exciting there in weeks).
  • Attending the graduate exhibition at OCAD (and deciding that it’s probably too late to go back to school).
  • Vacuuming. (Nothing to add there, it was just time).
  • Getting my hair done. (I’m pleased with the result).
  • Purchasing yet another product to combat my crepey eylelids. (I fear there is no magic potion).

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