I passed the motorcycle knowledge test and I got my M1 Class licence. I got three questions wrong. Two I knew, I just had a brain freeze and pushed the wrong buttons. I really didn’t know the answer to one — it had to do with shifting gears in a turn on a motorcycle — not something I ever plan to do.

I know some of my friends are worried about me (this makes me feel warm inside) and I wanted to advise that I don’t plan on getting on any roadway until I take a scooter training course. If I pass and feel comfortable, I will begin to practice on smaller roadways at off hours and weekends.

Then — and only if I feel confident and skillful — will I try to scoot to a destination such as work.

If I don’t feel like this is for me, I will sell the scooter. I want to have fun and save money on transportation but I won’t force myself to do anything that scares me or that I don’t enjoy.

I have a feeling I will succeed but fear not, I have not suddenly lost my marbles!


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