another dirty martini with extra olives…

I went to a wedding this weekend and overindulged. Two drinks is my maximum; I’m not a drinker but I had — I think — about 3 dirty martinis and 6 Caesars. There also was wine with dinner and champagne for toasting. There was a fair bit of toasting.

I didn’t feel out of sorts at all. In fact, I felt fine — which leads me to believe a few of my Caesars were virginal…

But the next day, I felt unwell. A kind of unwell I haven’t experienced since a certain Year-Ender Mind Bender party I went to in my last year of university. It was an all-you-can-drink affair at a fraternity house. (These types of parties are — for good reason — illegal now). I even felt rather unwell today — I guess I don’t recover as fast as I once did.

Congratulations to G. & D. — it was a beautiful ceremony and lovely reception — as I recall.


  1. I licked the head of the groom’s father once. The reception was in a micro-brewery so they onl had themselves to blame.

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