summer fun

hot just too damn hot

It’s going to be hot tomorrow. Not as hot as Phoenix which I heard was 46°C today. 46°C! But I don’t live in Phoenix — a nice place to visit … in the winter.

By the way, if you’re ever in Phoenix a nice funky hotel is The Clarendon Hotel + Suites. It’s kinda like a cross between the Melrose Place apartment house and the Gladstone Hotel — in a good way.

Okay, back to the damn heat. I hate hot weather. I just hate it.

I hate not being able to layer … one my greatest fashion joys is the ability to layer with abandon. But you can’t layer in summer — all you can do it try to wear as little as possible as still be stylish not to mention decent. When it is this hot I have to struggle to find things to wear that won’t cause undo chafing or overexposure.

Last week (on a roasting day) my colleague S. joked: “I see you are wearing summer clothes today” … I was. Really.

The garments in question:

  • Black capri pants
  • Black tank top
  • Black lightweight overtop

I explained they were indeed summer clothes — just black ones. I don’t enjoy pastels or light colours so I try to avoid them … not an easy task in the summer.

I can’t wait until the fall! I am just itching to wear my new boots!

In fact, I want to live in Iceland when any day can be a hairyboots day.


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