Still working hard and having fun

Quite a few years ago I worked at a place where people were either lifers or ex’ers.

The staff was a close knit bunch and there were regular gatherings of current and former employees — I attended these events as both a potential lifer and later as an ex’er as we were branded.

It was a very nice place but I was younger then and I just wasn’t the lifer type. I left after a few years to chase more money and a more exciting title.

Most of my jobs have been like that —three or four years and I’m ready for a change.

I never used to see myself as the lifer type. I get bored easily and love a new challenge.

I still do, so it’s a bit surprising — to myself and to others I’m sure — that I’ve been at my current place of employment for more than a decade.

But you know what, so have most of the people in my unit. I start my day saying good morning to same people that I’ve been saying good morning to for a very long time. And I still mean it.

And I’m still happy. Still challenged. Still working hard and having fun. Still typing away.

Oh, about that place I used to work — I looked online and many of the same people are still there.

Years ago I might have wondered why.


  1. And so you should be!
    I just think I got really really lucky! But I also have been doing this for 20 years — so timing is also a factor — I am also not sure how I’d compete out there with the young brilliant minds out there today 🙂

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