I am shameless — totally shameless — about feeling delighted when people think I am younger than I am. I know it’s not very progressive or feminist of me but I don’t care, I just love it to death.

Today in the coffee line, the barista and I were chatting about my stomach. You see, I had to get tea instead of my usual coffee because I could tell that my stomach was just not going to embrace coffee.

I made a joke that acid reflux was just one of the joys she could look forward to when she got older.

And the barista — bless her mid-twenties (tops) heart — said you’re not old.

I insisted I was indeed old. And she guesses (without any prompting) that was maybe 31 or 32.

I set her straight and then I danced all the way to my office with my tea in hand.

Shameless behaviour? Maybe. But I wasn’t fishing for a compliment — honest.

Can I help it if people in customer service positions are more than willing to flatter their aged customers?

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