standing in front of the liquor store

Last weekend I left the big city … that’s me in the lovely town of Warkworth.

I’m standing in front of the liquor store (I’m in the parking lot of the Warkworth LCBO) and behind me is a strange old building that I quite enjoyed.

I’m wearing my new belt buckle. You can’t tell here but it’s a skull and crossbones. I’ve yet to wear it to work. (Skulls are in this year with the young people.)

This is me on the deck of a cottage in the Kawarthas later that same day. Behind me is a purple paddle boat. I didn’t go in it. Actually, I spent the entire afternoon admiring my belt buckle and taking pictures of myself for my blog. I don’t expect to be invited back to N.’s lovely cottage.


  1. It seems a little odd to me that your purple paddle boat has pedals but no paddles. Your thoughts?

  2. Why on earth did you go to the Warworth LCBO???? Unless you’ve got a passion for Baby Duck that i wasn’t aware of… 😉

  3. Warkworth is much more hip now, A! But we were there to buy some wine for a dinner party in Cordova Mines.

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