some of us may have loved Van Halen more

I am from Scarborough. To be very specific, I moved there as a teenager but no matter, I lived there when Big Hair Metal ruled.

I am a wee bit younger than Mike Meyers but we are from the same neck of the woods. Wayne’s World may have taken place Aurora, Illinois but we all know that Mr. Meyers grew up in Scarborough. And he did not spend his spare time at Stan Makita’s.

And we all loved KISS. Well, some of us may have loved Van Halen more but everyone on my block was a member of the KISS Army nonetheless.

In retrospect — after listening to a few KISS tunes while drafting this — I think my love for the music has not endured as much as my love for big sexy boots.


  1. I have removed quite a few of the links. You’re right, I went a bit nuts. But the ones that are left, I feel, add the to content in a special way. I will see what I can do about more boot-related posts as well.

  2. I did wear blue eyeshadow in the 80s — who didn’t? — but now I am all about the footwear! Especially boots!

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