my name is Christine and I have shoe issues

I work very near the youth of today. I don’t actually work with them but they are close by. I see them everyday walking around looking youthful and carefree. And they’re often wearing the most interesting shoes. Young people have the best shoe sense.

Case in point: today I saw a fabulous pair of runners on a young stylish woman. They were blue with a silver stripe. Pumas. All the young people are wearing Pumas. I have one pair now but I need this silver-striped version too.

So today I checked out three shoe stores (I was in the mall for a household purchase but there was a bit of time to look at shoes) and not one had a pair that even came close to this lovely pair I saw today. Sure there were lots I liked but I resisted. I came home only with the needed household item.

My friend K. thought she must have picked up the shoes in the States. She’s probably right. All the interesting shoes are in the malls of America.

I went online today and I did not see that pair on the Puma site. With my luck they are probably discontinued as well. I did, however, see 17 pairs I liked. They ship to Canada.

I’m in some serious trouble now. I imagine an upcoming post will have a picture of another damn pair of new shoes. There is a giant Puma store in New York at 521 Broadway just north of Broome (I wrote down the address). I am going there in three weeks and I will be leaving some room in my suitcase.

My name is Christine and I have shoe issues.puma logo in red

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