semper ad optimum

Today I drove by my old high school. It is no longer Midland Avenue C.I. but the building is still there. In fact, it looks better than ever.

my old high school

Our school motto used to be Semper Ad Optimum — Always Strive for the Best.

There’s a new private school there now called the Bond Academy and their motto is Mens Sana in Corpore Sano — A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.

Actually, my old high school seems to be a lot of things days.

Midland Avenue C.I. closed its doors due to declining enrollment in 2000. That’s not a problem at 720 Midland Avenue in Scarborough now.

Located at 720 Midland Avenue in Scarborough, the Midland Campus is just two blocks south of Eglinton and only five minutes from the T.T.C.’s Kennedy Station. Situated on over 14 acres of land in a quiet, residential neighbourhood, the Campus has over 230,000 square feet of teaching space. One of the leading educational facilities in Ontario, the Midland Campus houses an private College specializing in Business, Information Technology and Health Care, a Management Training Centre and Day Care Centre. It also includes a number of breathtaking features: modern cafeteria, library, computer labs, dance and aerobics studio, indoor swimming pool, three fitness gymnasia, outdoor sports track, and expansive soccer field.

We did not have any breathtaking features when I was there but we did have the same modern — as in mid-century modern — cafeteria. I’m sure the inside is all new now but I was very happy to see the location where I had my first (and last) Southern Comfort and ginger ale is still there.


  1. What were you doing drinking Southern Comfort at school? That doesn’t sound like you.

  2. It was at a dance. We drank at those in the bathrooms. Well, a lot of us did. Ummm, I went to high school in Scarborough! Also, as noted, it was my first — and last — Southern Comfort and ginger ale beverage experience.

  3. southern comfort and … ginger ale??? Nver heard of that combo … However after a rather nasty southern comfort experience, i won’t be trying it myself. Love the breathtaking modern cafe.

  4. I don’t think it’s a real mixed drink. We made it up! Teens need sweet drinks. But now I enjoy a malted beverage.

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