Selling a dream…

There is a 5×10 storage locker a few kilometres away full of boxes and boxes of stuff.

Stuff that was in the condo a few weeks ago. Stuff that seemed to fit well-enough before the condo had to be ready for sale. But well-enough is not good enough to persuade potential condo-buyers that this is the place for them.

The place is now very streamlined and very tidy. It’s spare, minimalist and whispers seductively:

  • “Buy me and you too can be this clean and modern”.
  • “You too can have the urban lifestyle of a young professional”.
  • “You too can have high-end bath soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner — not to mention bath salts that cost more than a dinner out — you deserve only the best.
  • “Buy me and your bed — complete with with artfully arranged and attractive pillows — will make itself everyday”.

It’s all about selling a dream, baby. All you need is a dream and a pre-approved mortgage and all that is mine can be yours….except the stuff in storage….that comes with me.


  1. Yeah, we removed the 2 wardrobes in the den — and we bought a new curved glass desk to go in there. It now looks like we really have a den and not a big closet. Of course, since we lost half our closet space, we also had to pack away half of our wardrobes!

    We also got rid of our sofa but that was an accident.

    We bough two new recliners to go in our new den and they were not scheduled to arrive until the end of August — after the sale. They arrived in mid-July. So instead of storing them — in another storage locker as the current one is full — we decided to get the delivered anyway.

    Our sofa was on it’s last legs — holes and stains — so we donated it to our friends’ upholstery shop. Maybe it will come back to us, if we decide to get it recovered…but I expect we won’t as the wood frame is not good quality and would not be worth it.

    So now we are like Joey and Chandler except our recliners are modern-looking.

    We also packed a lot of the bathroom and kitchen stuff and a whole ton of boots and shoes.

    With no embellishment we pack 5 boxes of boots and shoes. Big boxes.

    I also packed about half my books and almost every knick knack in the place.

    The funny thing is I don’t really miss all that stuff at all. But I think I will be happy to see it when we move…

    I think it will sell too but I always worry myself about stuff like this. We don’t have a great view and people like a view.

    We also got new lounge chairs for the balcony and you’ve read about Vern and Fern. They need a lot of damn water but they look nice.

    I was hoping for artificial shrubs but Vern and Fern demanded to come home with us.

    Next week — I think on Tuesday — it will go on the MLS — so you can look at the pictures.

    Oh, the last thing we’re doing is getting the place cleaned for showings. I wanted to get it spotless.

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