I am so excited.

I’ve been looking at furniture online. This is nothing new — I do this all the time — but this time I’m looking somewhat more seriously. In a few months, this little condo where I write these missives, will be mortgaged by someone else and we’ll be in our new bigger place. That’s exciting.

The need to buy more furniture is even more exciting.

I’m looking for a TV unit for the living room. In the new place, the upstairs den will get the furniture currently in the living room, so a new TV set up is needed — well, not needed perhaps, but desired — for the downstairs.

I’m looking at modern wall units. I really like this one.


It’s 10 and a half feet long, so that could pose a problem given the new place is still a downtown condo and while it is bigger that where I type now — it’s not that big.

I wonder if I can buy half of that unit. It does look modular.

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