pogo — a good dance but a poor food

Today during our morning break we were chatting about foods we like and don’t like. (Yes, we never run out of topics! Tomorrow it could be the weather or solid surface counter tops.)

I learned that K. and A. both dislike celery. I feel no overwhelming connection to celery but I don’t dislike it either. I’m neutral on that particular vegetable and I had no problem expressing my opinion. I was not to be swayed by the anti-celery talk. Long life the stringy stalks of delight…okay, I’m getting carried away. If it’s there I’ll eat it. If it’s not then I will endure and eat the baby carrots.

I also learned that coriander and cilantro are one and the same. Who knew? Where does parsley fit it in — that I can identify.

There is one food that I won’t eat (but I can avoid it as it’s not often served at dinner parties I attend). A hot dog on a stick — also known as a pogo. This aversion stems from an incident at the Canadian National Exhibition in my teen years involving the long gone (and dearly missed) Flyer roller coaster.

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