Pho no!

I love authentic Pho. You know, the kind with a real hunk of pork in it and some crab claws that came from a crab not some formed white fish with flavorings. The kind with broth that simmers with flavour and makes you wish you had room for more.

This is the type of soup you can get in the Junction at a place on Pacific Avenue. Go there if you crave some fine soup, you will thank me. Better yet, invite me to go with you!

Today I was craving Pho so I went to a fairly new place in Chinatown for lunch.

I was not impressed. The crab was formed fish stuff and there was only one small piece in the entire bowl; the soup was mostly noodles and the broth was lackluster. I won’t go back there.

Now I’m craving a Vietnamese-style sandwich for dinner but I don’t know of any good places nearby. Suggestions welcomed.

I guess I’ll go and make myself a salad.

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