All jeggings, all the time…

Today I was asking my office mates for some blog post ideas. I want to write more but I don’t get ideas on a daily basis. One colleague suggested writing about the things I am up to. But my blog is not about my daily life, I’m just not that exciting on an hour-by-hour basis. (Another colleague refused to believe I am a bit of a homebody and often enjoy my own quiet company to a night of socializing.)

For example, I could write about last night:

On the way home I picked up some cucumbers and tomatoes for the gazpacho I had planned for dinner. I came home and noticed the blender accoutrements were still in the dishwasher. So I washed them by hand. Then I chopped up the vegetables, blended all the ingredients and popped the soup in the fridge to chill.

Later, I ate my soup with my dinner companion of many years, Judge Judy. After some television I headed upstairs for my nightly bath with a good book.

Before I went to sleep I laid out my clothes — like I’ve been doing since I was a teen —for the next day. (My Mother did this for me when I was a kid and it stuck. It’s a good habit for someone who is barely functional in the first hour or so of the morning.)

See? Not that thrilling. If I decided to write about my regular life, I’d lose all of you to someone more exciting.

Another colleague (the last one in this tale) suggested I write about my new jeggings. Finally an idea I can run with…

Yes, today I wore these new pseudo jeans with no zipper and fake pockets. Every time I went to freshen up, I forgot I had to pull them off. Tucking in a undershirt into them was also an interesting elasticized experience, as was trying repeatedly to put things in nonexistent pockets. But I don’t think I can devote a whole post to my new pants no matter how flattering they indeed are.

I suppose I could write about my days at work and while I do enjoy my job, it’s not entertaining blog fodder. And besides, I’m a firm believer in not writing about my work (in any detail) in a public forum. So what’s left?

It seems we’re back to jeggings. So from now on, this blog will be dedicated to this new fashion innovation.

All jeggings, all the time.


  1. Hi Christine

    It has been a long time since we have talked with you. Julie and I just would like to say hello and hope everything in your life is going well. As I can see by your blogs you are doing well We all know how time flies and I have just finally got onto Facebook. We decided to look you up and then you appeared with a link to your work site. You do look great but still have that Christine look. It was nice to see your face again. Send us a email sometime. Life is going good for us. Take care.

    Julie and Cindy

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