My scintillating book club.

Last night it was my turn to host my book club. I served a selection of meats and cheeses as well as two kinds of vegetable salad. There was also wine (both red and white) as well as cranberry juice and a limited pop selection. For dessert we had coffee and cookies.

I did use paper plates and plastic cups (except for the wine and coffee) because the dishwasher is now dead (or dying slowly) in the garage. There is also no hot water in the kitchen (this is related to the dishwasher fiasco) so I didn’t want to dirty too many dishes as I knew I would need to get hot water from another tap in order to wash up properly and hygienically.

In retrospect there were a few things I forgot buy — decaffeinated coffee is just one example — but the event was a quiet success. I think everyone had a nice time.

I know you are dying to know, so let me tell you about my book club.

We’re a fascinating group of mostly middle-aged women. We do have some younger members but most of use remember who shot J.R.

So fascinating that some of our members think we would be a perfect group for the Globe and Mail to feature in Clubland, the paper’s weekly profile of a Canadian book club.

Some members even suggest that one of our members being a PR person and all (ahem) should be able to pitch this idea to the editor. Needless to say, there is more than one PR person (ahem) in the group but I digress.

So I dunno. I’m trying to think of what angle to take. I can’t think of a hook that makes us sound scintillating. We need something sexy to sell us to the media.

I am open to suggestions.

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