So I’ve been busy…but I’m back and ready barrage you, my three readers, with the minutiae of my life.

  1. First some good news: a woman found my purse in her backyard. I got back my glasses, keys and other assorted things. No wallet, of course, and my Palm Pilot and cell phone are no doubt in a pawn shop. But I was very very happy nonetheless.
  2. I just started watching the Sopranos and I’m a bit obsessed.
  3. I haven’t got a lock for my purse yet but I’m still thinking about it.
  4. My book club starts meeting again next week. To date (three years, people) I have read every single book. I’ve read them all no matter that in some cases I would have rather spent the evenings poking spaghetti in my eyes. But I’m having trouble this time. I fear one of the recent selections may be my downfall. I don’t want this to happen and I feel oddly like I did in a certain second year English class I took many moons ago.

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