I am a pedestrian — a pedestrian who follows all the laws of the road. I don’t jaywalk nor do I cross on the red. I am safe and responsible. A model citizen in walking shoes.

More than I can say for the [expletive] cyclists I encounter every damn day.

I stop at three stop-signed intersections on my route and I always wait for the cars to stop before I cross but I don’t wait for the cyclist to stop — they don’t.

Apparently their right to breeze through stop signs trumps my right to safely cross the street. Oh I know they see me but they don’t care.

At first I silently fumed but now I yell at them as they whiz by. Usually I say somethiig like “that stop sign is for you too, buster.”

Mind you, I don’t say buster if I’m in a particularly foul mood.

The stop sign shirkers are bad enough but the red light runners bug me ever more.

Today I was almost beaned by some jerk running thought the red. Sure the cross-street was not a major roadway (Huron and Dundas) and traffic was minimal but I still expected the jerk to stop at a red light especially with pedestrians waiting to cross.

He did not and I am still annoyed. Annoyed but thankfully not bruised. I have lightening fast reflexes for a hearing impaired middle-aged gal.

I think cyclists should be licensed. I can think of not one reason they should not be ticketed for their uncivil behaviour.


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