In 2009, I will:

  1. Learn how to wink.
  2. Iron more.
  3. Moisturize daily.
  4. Practice using irony correctly.
  5. Floss more.
  6. Perhaps invest in a Waterpik Dental Water Jetâ„¢.
  7. Eat more greens, broccoli specifically.
  8. Eat more fruit focusing on berries.
  9. Eat less overall especially anything beige and/or crispy.
  10. Not buy any new footwear.
  11. Dust.
  12. Vacuum.
  13. Wean myself from Clamato juice.
  14. Drink more wine.
  15. Write vastly more interesting posts.


  1. Well, Sharon — you are correct on #10. I bought a new pair of boots yesterday at the Western Wearhouse in Santa Fe. But as for #13, there is no Clamato in the US so I still have not had any. But you will be right on that one, too….I am dying for a glass.

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