Why say dénouement when anticlimax will do?

I’m about halfway through Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama. I have not yet started the book I should be reading for my primary book club. I always procrastinate as that reading is sometimes like homework ― it’s a class I enjoy but the required readings occasionally wear me out.

With regards to my use of primary, I do belong to a secondary book club. I’m enjoying the books we’re reading there more but it could turn at any moment.

That book club also boasts at least two published authors ― something that makes me warm inside thinking about their talent and also a little like Walter the Lazy Mouse who can’t do anything but prattle away on this thing.

I wonder: are people who belong to book clubs different from regular people? I do experience “pure joy when I’m sharing my ideas, opinions and insights with others” but I always thought this was a bit of a personality flaw. Perhaps not.

I used to wonder why I was the only person who refers to the protagonist in book club discussions. I even looked it up after one meeting to make sure I was using the word correctly. I was.

Next I plan to work in dénouement more often.

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