I will make every effort not to pick my nose

I don’t write about my job very often. That’s not because I hate it and try to drive the workday from my mind once I get back to my recliner.

I don’t for professional reasons mostly, I am not anonymous here and I won’t type anything I would not say out loud on the streetcar.

But let me tell you. Today was an interesting day at work.

Our offices are being renovated and we’ve been moved into a carpeted room in the basement. It’s about the size of large classroom.

We being ten of us. It’s a bit like the set of Mary Tyler Moore except our desks line the outside walls and we have filing cabinets in the middle.

I spent the better part pf last week being chipper about the whole thing. Our office went through this several years ago and it really was fine. Only three of us remain from those days and I think we were prepared for it since we knew what it would be like.

It really isn’t that bad. Sure, it’s different not having privacy but I don’t take off all my clothes in my office and dance around to the sound of my scanner anyway. I just sit there and work.

In my new space, I created a little nest for myself. I hung up my bulletin board and positioned all my desk supplies within easy reach.

Twelve weeks will fly by and then the Christmas break will start and then after our rest we’ll move into the new digs.

In the meantime, I will make every effort not to pick my nose. I have already tried to stop talking to myself as I type.

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