I resolve to spend my change…

How much change do you have in your pocket right now?
Me, I’ve got over three bucks.

change in pocket

This is not unusual. I often have enough change in my pants to buy a cup of coffee or a snack from the vending machine in the lobby.
And when I get home, I put my spare change in a jar — well, now I am up to two jars…heavy jars. I also have enough change in my wallet to buy dinner at a mid-range restaurant.

I’ve never given this much thought. I always assumed everyone has more change than they know what to do with. This is not — I have recently learned — the case. Many people actually find ways to spend their loose coins. Mind you, I am too far along now to attempt to spend the amount I have collected in my pants, wallet and home.

About once a year, I put all my change into a strong bag or bucket and bring it to one of those change counting machines. They take a cut, but it’s better than rolling them all up.

Maybe after my next visit, I will try not to hoard the stuff.

That’s as good a New Year’s resolution as any, right?

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