hundreds of spam a day

If the spam I just deleted is any indication, far too many men have tiny little penises. And if they’re lucky enough not to have a wee penis then they are plagued with ED. Yet, these guys don’t have to worry, there are hot babes just waiting for them all over the internet (and in real life too).

But really, who cares about that little problem when you can and collect millions in lottery winnings or help some poor terminally-ill fellow in Nigeria move his money out of country.

Truth be told, most of the spam I just deleted had to do with tiny members or the inability to move said member (tiny or otherwise) in the right direction.

I think I see a business opportunity.

I bet I could write some persuasive copy and sell my new product that cures both small ones and ED in one fell swoop … and that alone will make me rich. There’s money in little soft ones — the spam tells me so.

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