How far away is the good cheese?

My friend K. suggested I write about the food desert I call home.

Say I get hungry and I wanted to grab a casual bite. Well, I’d be walking a long time.
There’s a pub across the street, but there’s often some show going on in there, so that’s not really very practical. The two other places nearby — which are quite tasty — are only open at lunch.

Otherwise, there’s a Subway about 15 minutes away. Yeah, no.

Oh wait, there is one nice place not too far away — Weezie’s. But it’s not really a place I might stop in by myself.

At my old addresses I always got several delivery flyers in my mailbox. Here I get none, Really, none. There seems to be very little in the way of food one can order.

I know that’s going to change soon. Many new condos are going up all around me. Restaurants are not going to be far behind. I’m rather excited about it. I like my location — it’s downtown and convenient to transit, but also rather quiet and peaceful. There are mature trees on my street and flowers and grass — yes, grass — in front of my building.

I also love my unit. It’s comfortable and cozy and has everything I need. The only thing I wish I had more of is closet space. But this is really more an issue of my having too many things — I have, in real terms, a lot of storage space for such a petite apartment.

The only real downside is my local grocery store. I sometimes stop at the Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaw just to admire all the meats and cheeses. My local store does not have a deli counter — just packaged meats. And the cheese? Well, I can tell you I can’t get goat cheese, blue cheese, bocconcini or fresh feta. Cheddar I can get. But it’s not hard to stop at my favourite food shop on the way home from work.

I have a feeling by the time I am ready to sell this place things will be a lot different around here. And that should be fun to witness — even if I have to travel for my cheese fix.


  1. Yeah, I have a Metropass. So cheese is never too far away. What I’d really like is a place with a really good prepared food counter steps away. But I have a feeling there will be something like that in one of the new retail spaces in the new condo around the corner. There are several spaces just waiting for tenants. With so many people here now, a place with tasty foods would make a killling.

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