Hell, yes. Worth a trip to the West End…I’d even walk.

I like to try new restaurants and today I — quite by accident — had one of the most tasty meals of — well, not my life — but of the last year probably.

My friends and I were driving back from the airport after a charity event where we (not) singlehandedly pulled a 757 cargo plane 12 feet. It was damn hot and we were tired and very hungry. No one could really decide where to eat. (At that point all I wanted/needed was A/C and a cool drink, so I would have gone anywhere.)

We ended up in Dufferin Village thinking we might go to a pub in the area. But then my friend K. spotted a place she had read about called Hadley’s. Good eye on that K.

I am so glad we decided to go there. Am I ever. You have no idea.

This is what they say about themselves online:

A love of great food, prepared fresh, in house from the best local ingredients is what Hadley’s is all about. Everything from our bacon to delectable smoked fish is made on site, fresh by hand. A friendly and relaxed environment where you can enjoy the comfort food you wish you had the time to make at home. Great food. Great Drinks. Great People.

This is not some fancy PR writing. The food was excellent. My Caesar (drink not salad, silly) was excellent. Every damn dish arriving at every table looked like sex on a plate. (Okay, I won’t continue with that particular metaphor but the food was almost as….well…enough on that topic.)

I had something called The Remedy. Oh, oh, oh — you must try it if you are not worried about that fact that it probably has a million calories. I was not. I will not the next time I have it either.

Everyone else loved their food, too. I tasted K.s Club Sandwich and it was — frankly — the best chicken I had ever tasted in a sandwich. The bread — and I am not a big eater of bread — was also something special.

I was planning to write about the charity event — I am glad we did it and it was fun. But all I can think about was lunch.

They very adorable waiter told us about their Fried Chicken Fridays. Hell, yes. I’m in. It’s a hell of a hike from the East end, but I will be getting some of that chicken.

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