happy in white pants

Today’s topic is living rooms and why I hate my furniture.

barcelona chair and ottoman

  • I feel I need a reproduction Barcelona Chair by Mies van der Rohe (1927) in
    order to be complete.

sofa of delight

  • I also feel that this sofa is mine in spirit. But in camel (don’t say beige) — white stains so very easily.

If I had new furniture I would be as a happy as the woman below. (But I would never wear white pants and a white top.)

happy gal in chair of delight

  • She looks happy to me — either that or she passed out after looking at the prices.


  1. Sharon, I’ve seen the Loblaws ones. My friend has the bench. They’re nice!

    And yes, Tracy, it’s a rocker. Looks like fun, no? Just not in those pants.

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