Fore! …and drinks!

I played golf this weekend.

It was pretty obvious quite quickly that I am not an excellent golfer but I did pretty damn well for new player. (I was advised that I have none of those pesky self-esteem issues).

I can’t drive to save my life but get me to the mid-fairway and I am not too horrible at all. Plus I am good putter. And my chipping was excellent. I have a gift with the pitching wedge. Who knew?

I’m surprised as hell but I love golf!

What’s not to love:

  • Drinking! And the drinks drive right up to you!
  • Motorized carts!
  • Snacks!
  • Gear galore!
  • The 9th hole break!
  • The 19th hole!
  • Did I mention the drink cart?

And shoes! Golf is a sport with nice shoes. I bought a pair today.

I am ready to embrace my new sport — GOLF!


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