Geek mod.

I am planning to modify Roombie — that’s the name of our Roomba vacuuming robot.

I’m not a super geek who mods all my gadgets. But this is necessary.

Roombie bashes into furniture and the little factory bumper doesn’t do much cushioning.

I am not exaggerating, Roombie pushes the dining chairs several inches across the room and has bumped one of my MCM chairs leaving a mark — unacceptable.

I am now on the hunt for some very thin high density foam so as not to interfere with the charging mechanism.

Now before you think I am nuts and am only imagining this problem (as has been suggested) someone also has identified this issue and is selling Roomba bumpers on Ebay.

I may not be a super geek but I am still too much a geek to order someone else’s foam and glue combo.

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