Fewer friends is the new black…

I’ve been hearing that fewer online friends is the new thing. I’ve got 102 pals on Facebook. I don’t have 102 pals in real life — not close ones anyway.

Last year I deleted most of my high school friends. Truthfully, I got tired of reading about a bunch of kids I didn’t even know existed. Plus most of them seem to lead somewhat boring lives — and the most boring posted the most. (I am sure they don’t feel their lives are boring. Some of them may feel sad for poor childless Christine and her empty life. And of course, I enjoy hearing about kids I actually know or know about — I am not an ogre.)

I also started experimenting with the Limited Profile setting for people I don’t really think need to hear everything I am up to. I can think of quite a few people (acquaintances, relatives, neighbours) who don’t need to know all my (silly) business. Then I got to thinking that probably most people I work (directly) with don’t need to see my status updates — especially the rare one that gets posted during office hours or about the myriad ways I spend my weekends. Some things — like my penchant for furry movies — are better left outside the office.

So what to do? I guess I could just put everyone who falls outside my target Facebook zone on Limited Profile. Or I could delete them…I am just worried they will get mad and not want to be my friend anymore. Just like in Grade 9.

Or I could just leave Facebook — which fills me with sadness.

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