Did you get fatter? Have some more chips!

I’m been visiting my Aunt lately. She’s my late Mother’s youngest sister and she’s not a lot older than I am but she’s of another generation.

For example, when I visited her a few weeks ago, her first words to me where: ses debeli? Translated this means: did you get fat? This is not that strange — my Mother sometimes said the same thing. One gets used to it and besides I was never that fat — not like some of my poor (first, second and third) cousins who were so fat that they would never find a husband.

I wasn’t any fatter than usual and I told my Aunt as much. I illustrated the fact by pulling at my sweater demonstrating that was very loose since I was not hitting the town but rather visting my Aunt in the suburbs. (It is important to note that she’s my favourite Aunt and I love her very much. This type of exchange is not at all unusual in my culture.)

When I visited this past weekend I was prepared. I decided to skip the weekend jeans and I wore some skinny pants and a top that was not wooly, warm and loose.

I greeted my Aunt with: so who’s debela (fat) now? She laughed and conceded the point.

Then she proceeded to feed me the entire day.


  1. ai yi yi … does this ever sound familiar! almost every time I see my mother she comments on my weight and then lays out a feast for twenty and is insulted if you don’t eat. arrgghhh

  2. Ahh…family…gotta love them.

    My Mom does and says the exact same thing when she sees me while she pats my tummy or butt! But like you said “this type of exchange is not unusual…”

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