elevator ablutions

Today I was on an elevator. No, really. I was. But wait, there’s more.

A man got in at the same time as me. He was quite sweaty but it was very hot outside and given the helmet strapped to his bag, I guessed he just got off his bike. Biking is sweaty business. So there I am, standing near the buttons. (I must stand ready near the buttons!) And he’s behind me.

Out of the corner of my eye (and not moving from my post at the buttons) I notice he’s facing the back of the elevator. A bit odd but so what? Then, I noticed he was applying deodorant through the neck of his shirt.

I thought to myself: if that’s deodorant maybe it will help. But if it’s anti-perspirant…

Then I got to my floor and left the guy alone with his elevator ablutions.

This was the strangest thing that happened today.

I did encounter some loud talking teens on the streetcar but no sense in reliving that scintillating conversation.

Otherwise, a regular pleasant day. Nothing much else to report.


  1. You can press the button for your floor, okay?
    But I am in charge of the open/close ones.

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