wants and needs

I still don’t know why I maintain (create? ) this site —
I think John Scalzi makes some good points on this topic — but I do know it sure as hell ain’t revenue generating.

No one is paying me to write this stuff. But I do (sorta) get paid to write stuff in real life. I am especially proud of my memo writing skills. Granted, I write less now than I used to and no one will be paying me anytime soon for my editing and/or proofreading skills. (Finding typos on this site would not be hard but I do try to keep the spelling in check.)

But I am not knocking myself out to get published on paper. I used to and I did get published. Little things in small pressrun places. But not anymore. I’d rather sit at home and read decor magazines.

And yet, here I am – typing. I’ve revived this blog after years of neglect. I just wanted to.

I want lots of things:

I will resist. This site isn’t making me any money
and I need to save my pennies for what I really want!

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